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KPT-SL58 LED(Fan-shaped) 50W

Outdoor wall-mounted solar projection lamp; daytime use of solar energy charging, automatic lighting at night can be selected at a fixed time, featured remote control function, ultra-long distance remote control, one-yard remote control, optional daytime lighting timing/night full-light or timing off function.

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Number of beads: 100 light white (6000K-6500K)

Projection lamp size: 497*217*61mm   solar panel size: 460*350*20mm(15V input 25W input power)

Battery capacity: 6.4V   19.5Ah  Ah LiFePO4 battery

Lighting mode: full night light or 4/8 hours or daylight.


The five core connection is charged during the day and lights are activated at night. After the remote shutdown, the default mode is to recharge during the day, turn on the light automatically at night, and turn on the light all night.

Push the switch key to turn off the solar lamp; delete all functions, then press the switch key to enter the intelligent mode of solar lamp; blue light in the lamp board, dark, automatic light (light mode is open all night), daylight, automatic light off into charging state, red light on.

(1) intelligent mode:

According to the demand, the timing function can be turned on, pressing the timing key once for 4 hours, pressing the timing key once for 8 hours, and pressing the time key once for canceling, which is the mode of lighting all night. The timing function is cyclic operation, 4 hours to 8 hours and overnight.

(2) manual mode: forced lighting during the day (warehouse or other requirements).

Require to turn on the daytime forced solar light, press the force button for the solar light forced light, lighting time is 4 hours, after 4 hours, the solar light automatically off, restore the intelligent mode. Turn the night into a smart lighting mode at night.

Artificial mode is full of special brightness adjustment, you can choose according to your requirements, press once again to reduce brightness, press once again to reduce brightness again; the brightness of the three-stop light is cyclic operation, high-brightness medium-brightness light. Working mode: automatic charging during the day and automatic lighting at night.

Solar lamp built-in circuit: contains battery power low voltage protection and overcharge protection; Solar lamp waterproof grade: IP65


Solar energy lamp:1pc       Solar panels:1pc      spare parts:1pc    remote:1pc (optional 2pc)